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3.3 Initial Breakup of the US or a powerful world power. The New World Order is either broken or restructured.

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Blue - The mighty King's power is broken, the great horn or the kingdom is broken.
Red - In the place of the single horn, four horns stand up. Four world Kingdoms (kings or leaders) rule the Earth.

Something happens to the single horn of the he goat. Maybe he over-stepped his bounds when he destroyed the Ram with two horns. Or maybe, the financial strain for the operation was too much. What ever the reason, This power is humbled in the dust. This power could very well be the United States!

"for his kingdom shall be plucked up, even for others beside those" and "but not in his power" seems to suggest that this power who ever it is, will no longer exist. If this is the US, then it is very possible that the US may become a third world nation in terms of wealth and ease of living, but its arsenal, nuclear bombs, and technology would be used by some other power.

Appariently the world will now be controlled initially by four powers that are vying for the top position. It will not initially be a single power like in the past, In place of the US (the policeman of the world), but by four separate world powers.

Concerning the future of the US, it is interesting to note the descriptions of the four powers in the next section. One of the beasts has eagle's wings, which is a suggestion, that some form of the US may still exist. However on reading the text, it is easy to see that it no-longer does things according to it's own will. It is controlled by another power. One of the four powers will take the world leadership position.

That future power that wins the contest among the four powers will most likely be Europe.

This is the part of the story where we can relate Chapter 8 of Daniel to Daniel 7. In Daniel 8:8 we see that the single horn of the He Goat is broken and four notable ones come up toward the four winds of heaven. These four horns are the same as the four beasts in Daniel 7. How do we know that? Look at the next verse and beyond.

Out of one of the horns came a little horn which casts down some of the host and the stars to the ground and tramples them. This description is similar to the activities of the horn that spoke great things and persecuted the righteous in Daniel 7.

In verse 11 of Daniel 8, we see that this little horn exalts himself even as God! He takes the daily (continual) away and throws truth down to the ground.

Why this matches Daniel 7:8,25 where the horn speaks with pompous words against the Most High. In addition he tries to changes times and laws etc. It is clear by the four horns and the activities of the little horn that Daniel 7 and 8 overlap in time.

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