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3.2 A Powerful World Power Makes War Against Persia (and Media).
An Action of the New World Order or the US?

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Blue - A mighty King stands up, a notable horn, he goat.
Purple - The activities of this mighty king.
Red - King of Grecia, matches the description in Daniel 11 of the previous section, section 2.1.

The activities of the power of Media Persia and its war of words against the west (Grecia) has brought it to the attention of the west. So much so that the power travels over the surface of the Earth and not touching the ground to destroy the power in the East.

The king of Grecia, some feel, meant some power from the west. In today's world, NATO, United Nations, or even The New World Order come to mind. It is interesting that there is a great horn or great king that is

above all others, that seems to rule. In today's world that could mean the United States. Yes, the New World Order is the name that is used, but it's the US that seems to be calling the shots.

What seems very possible is that the New World Order will distroy Media Persia which could be today's Iran, Iraq, and or Syria. There is a lot of talk that the US is facing an attack from the east with some viral agent such as the Anthrax Virus. If the US was attacked in this way there would definetely be a massive counterattack. That counterattack could be what is being described in this section and the US is definitely able to fullfill the not touching the ground aspect of the prophecy. It could either be by boat or jet. If there is sudden anger by the power from the west, we can be sure that the mode of travel will be in the air.

The He Goat (male goat) which either represents the US, the united nations or some form of the New World Order, becomes upset over the activities of the Ram and it travels over the face of the earth (either by air or sea) to attack the ram.

The contest is apparently so one sided that there is no chance for the Ram. The He Goat thoroughly destroys the Ram.

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